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Felipe Mesquita de Oliveira

As a civil engineer (2005) has worked for more than 10 year as a structural engineer, with specialization on precast concrete structures (2007). With courses on project management and BIM projects coordination, has grown interest on such project process and related technologies. Passionated on software development since 13 yo, has started developing WebProject in 2013 and since then is the CEO and responsible for both technical and business development. In 2018 started on master degree program in 'Innovation on Civil Construction' (ConstruINOVA) at São Paulo University (USP), researching on 'BIM Implementation and Execution' area.

Filipe Costa Silva

Architect and web/mobile developer
Working in the construction market since 2009, he has experience in several projects, including: residential, commercial, hotels, shopping malls, institutional and logistics warehouses. He graduated as a building-technician at Oswaldo Cruz College (2011) and later in Architecture and Urbanism at UNIP (2016). He has participated in all phases of complex projects - starting with the feasibility study, design for public approval, conceptual design, and construction design/detailing and design compatibility-checking. For both design development and coordination/compatibility, it has used both the traditional (2D) process as well as the BIM process. Currently assists in the development of web and mobile applications and supports users in using the platform and implementation of new projects.

Caroline Fernandes

    Graduated in Marketing, worked for 5 years in the sales area.
He has taken courses in E-commerce, strategy and business models, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Sérgio Salles Coelho

Project Management Advisor
He is an Architect and Urbanist (1994) and has been managing big-projects for over 20 years working for construction companies and industries in various segments. Always in tune with the trends related to technologies, project management process and entrepreneurship, as advisor has guided and contributed to the development of the platform. In the academic field, he teaches in several architecture courses and has a master's degree in 'Project Process Management' from the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar).

Stefania Correa

BIM Advisor - 4D, 5D and Infrastructure
Civil engineer (graduated in 2009 at UNICAMP), is working at a large infrastructure company for almost 10 years and is highly connected to innovation, lean process and management (MBA in 2013). Her experience has contributed to broadening the range of project types we have achieved and enabling more BIM-uses for our platform. Currently, research on “Planning and Bidding Infrastructure with BIM” in the Master's program in “Innovation in Civil Construction” (ConstruINOVA) at the University of São Paulo (USP).