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We block access to older versions of documents

Older versions of files are immediately blocked when new revision is sent with no need for user or coordinator action

QR-Code for version-checking and obsolete-prints tracking

Verify the validity of documents before execution with our QR-code system. We also support you on finding these prints to collect and/or destroy them

Custom approval steps needed for document release

Set-up your workflows with any status and permissions for every step. If you need formal registering, you can require document attachment to each

More features

There are more than 300 features and possible customizations to help you reach your goals on your project faster, cheaper and easier.
Guaranteed 99.8 uptime and SLA with geographic distribution for improved speed, expirence and security supported by the world number on cloud solution.
90 of our clients says they would recommend us to a friend and adopt our platform for their next project.

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