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Know what we are doing against COVID-19!

It's time to avoid social contact, which includes project's face-to-face meetings.

Pensando nisso, estamos liberando (sem custos) para todos os clientes nosso módulo de Gerenciamento de ocorrências e reuniões 'online'. Esperamos poder colaborar com o bem-estar e a saúde de todos disponibilizando a nossa tecnologia para que as questões dos projetos sejam resolvidas de forma colaborativa e os impactos dessa crise mundial nos projetos sejam os menores possíveis.

Além dessa iniciativa, tomaremos também as seguintes ações:

  • Vamos estender o prazo do período de testes gratuito para 60 dias, incluindo os módulos Gestão de ocorrências e Reuniões on-line;
  • Os 'projetos-modelo' que disponibilizamos foram atualizados para que os novos projetos possam ser iniciados com os módulos adicionais já configurados;
  • Para os projetos já em andamento, estaremos a disposição para realizar essa configuração sem custos. Basta entrar em contato com nossa equipe de suporte;
  • Caso tenha alguma dúvida sobre estas funcionalidades, agende uma reunião on-line com nosso suporte.
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We block access to older versions of documents

Older versions of files are immediately blocked when new revision is sent with no need for user or coordinator action

QR-Code for version-checking and obsolete-prints tracking

Verify the validity of documents before execution with our QR-code system. We also support you on finding these prints to collect and/or destroy them

Custom approval steps needed for document release

Set-up your workflows with any status and permissions for every step. If you need formal registering, you can require document attachment to each

Be more productive and efficient

Count on our automations for repetitive tasks

Managing large amounts of files manually is time consuming and transferring them by email is risky. Automating this and other process enables you to focus on your core business and spend your time on high-intelligence tasks that matter for the project

Don’t waste time looking for information

Integrate and manage all documents, issues and minutes of meeting in one single place with a friendly interface. Group them by status, subject or assigned responsible, extract dynamic reports and sync solution's deadline with your agenda

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Budget predictability

Avoid unexpected costs by change-orders or contract-amendments with low investment and consistent ROI.


Stay on time by avoiding both delays due to missing information and risks of rework by invalid information usage.

Efficient Communication

With issue-based communication the solutions are proposed and validated by team collaboration, reducing the need for face-to-face meetings.


Innovative platform in constant improvements and co-innovation with clients, supported by trending technologies.

Integrated Information

All project information, documents and communication in a single platform, with friendly and fast interface.

Organization & traceability

Customize information organization the way you want still keeping track of project history and each one's activity.


Get increased productivity results with repetitive task automation and intelligent reports generation.


First-class cloud service provider with guaranteed availability, security and confidentiality of all information.

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