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Storage: 2GB


  • +
  • Archives module
  • QR Code traceability
  • Complete administrative interface
  • Unlimited Teams and Users
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ManagerMost popular plan

Storage: 5GB


  • Features of the Plan Professional
  • +
  • Module Occurrences
  • Opening app calls
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Storage: 10GB


  • Features of the Plan Manager
  • +
  • BIM Model Viewer
  • Customizable interface for your business
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Storage from: 10GB

  • All Features
  • +
  • Occurrence BCF Manager
  • Automated migration from other systems
  • The best value in the market
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Web-based federated BIM-model visualization and interaction. No extra costs on software allows all team members collaborated and progressively migrate from traditional process.


Centralize occurrences (issues, RFI, RFC, etc) on a single source with assigned responsible, deadlines and subject-tags. Create and save custom reports for recurrent extraction.


Start planning your meeting schedule from open-issues and invite its responsible in a few clicks. Then, drive the meeting online and we take care of the minutes for you.


Using QR-Code on controlled printed documents you can track who holds obsolete version or verify it status and validity online. We can also generated document distribution reports.


Assign responsible for project's tasks and we alert then when next the starting/ending date. We can also automatically update activity progress based on project's deliverables.

Version Control

Obsolete versions of files are automatically blocked when a new revision is registered and we track who still has obsolete prints on the work for you to collect it.

And many more features

There are more than 300 features and possible customizations to help you reach your goals on your project faster, cheaper and easier.
Guaranteed 99.8 uptime and SLA with geographic distribution for improved speed, expirence and security supported by the world number on cloud solution.
90 of our clients says they would recommend us to a friend and adopt our platform for their next project.

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