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Thu, Feb 15, 2018


Digital era on construction market

We have participated on one article on two of the biggest brazilian business magazines talking about innovation, new technologies and their application on the construction site. The report also brings some number that shows how construction companies are, in one hand, late adopters to new technologies, but also that initiatives searching for innovations and disruption are getting traction and attention.
Highlighting the importance of document controlling and traceability to the construction site, we talked about the benefits on cost and schedule of the projects from small residential buildings to big infrastructure work.
Our partners (and friends) of iTeleport (also participants of the OkaraHub program) talked about the advantages of virtualization with 360° photos and digital models during the commercial phase of the projects.

You can access the full articles in the magazine's page on the following links: Exame and Infomoney.

Wed, Jan 16, 2019


Day-one - OkaraHub

Today was a great day!
With other seven startups of all over the country we started today on the OkaraHub acceleration program. The goal of the process is to provide access the most relevant companies in their segments, develop PoC in real-world situation validating our products and services and speedy the traction of innovative business.
With support of the founding companies of the program (Engeform, Athié Wohnrath, MPD, Temon and GrupoGPS) we will get mentorship and many contents thru workshops.
We are very grateful by this opportunity! Congratulations to the others selected startups!

The full post with detailed information can be found at the OkaraHub Blog.

Thu, Dec 13, 2018


We have been selected!

The OkaraHub is totally equity-free and open innovation a program for accelerating startups of the construction ecosystem (ConstruTechs and PropTechs).
In the 2018 batch, 13 startups passed by the program making business of more than US$ 25000, gaining visibility program and validating their products/services with the top companies of the market.
We are very happy and proud to be one of the 8 startups selected to the first batch of 2019.
As part of the program, we will get access to a coworking space and you are our guest to a visit to see what we an the others companies will be building in the coming nine months!

See the original original post on Linked-In to read more.